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King of mic'd up Jon Gruden is going to make 'Hard Knocks' must-see TV

Raiders v Chargers X Gruden

Stephen Dunn

After months of rumors, and even a false confirmation on Tuesday that the Lions would be the subject of this year's Hard Knocks docu-series, word has officially come down that the Oakland Raiders—the most Hard Knocks team in the history of Hard Knocks teams—will officially be this year's Hard Knocks team. God bless. Amen.

This is cause for celebration for a many reasons. It's the Raiders' last season in Oakland before packing up and heading to Vegas. Antonio Brown will be trashing talking Ben Roethlisberger on uncensored premium cable. The training camp crowds will look like a Hells Angels chapter meeting. The list goes on and on, but the Raiders make Hard Knocks must-see TV this season for one reason and one reason only: Jon f'n Gruden.


The uncontested king of mic'd up, Gruden is a walking, talking aneurysm waiting to happen, taking more souls at OTAs than the grim reaper does all year. Sometimes he does it by cursing and frothing like a werewolf with tourettes, but most of the time he delivers his spirit-crushing blows with a steely (and frankly unnerving) calm that is somehow even more fun to watch. Don't believe us? Just check out this compilation Gruden's best-ever mic'd up moments and then go clear the calendar for August (all of it.)

Hard Knocks season 14 will premiere on HBO on August 6th, 2019. Chucky wigs and visors sold separately.