U.S. Open

Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (Course No. 2)


79-year-old ‘King of Aces’ fires 10th hole-in-one with second ace on the same hole

Let’s start with what matters.

Good for this guy. Jim Martin, the “King of Aces,” did it yet again. According to the Washington Times Herald, the 79-year-old logged his 10th hole-in-one earlier this week with his trusty Ping 8-iron and Vice golf ball. The milestone ace occured on the 115-yard second hole at Country Oaks in Washington, IN. It’s his second on the same hole and eighth at the course.

“That is by far a record at Country Oaks and we have been open since 1997,” club manager Trey Miller said. “What a tremendous feat that Mr. Martin has accomplished hitting double-digit hole-in-ones. Most golfers never even get a chance to experience one, let alone 10.”

Miller’s right. Most golfers never get to experience one. How does Martin keep doing this? The septuagenarian almost can’t stop at this point. He’s hitting aces at the same pace that most of us chip in from the fringe. He even shot his age back in 2016 when he was 73. Some guys have all the luck.


Jim Martin's trophy case.

“This one was kind of nice because it puts me in double digits, and that’s kind of impressive,” Martin joked. “This has been kind of a drought for me since the last one. I thought the three and a half years was kind of long between the eighth and ninth. I wasn’t sure I’d get this one and a few of my friends started to doubt me.”

Imagine having a "drought" with no aces over just a few years. Most of us would take that in a heartbeat. I mean … listen to the story behind his 10th ace.

“I wasn’t sure this one was going to happen,” Martin said. “When I hit it, I thought it was going to blow past the pin and when we got up there it was leaning against the pin and then just fell in.”

Playing golf three times a week, counting the career aces on both hands; it doesn’t get any better than the life that the Jefferson Trucking retiree is living. All we ask is that he save some for the rest of us.