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Kid crosses up his little sister so hard his mom storms the court

December 17, 2018

I'm a proud, card-carrying member of the oldest sibling fraternity. No matter the scenario, I am bound by oath to see things through eyes of every eldest on earth. We are not always right, of course, but our cross to bear in life is a great one: We are the trailblazers. We are the first to skin our knees after training wheels come off and the first to get a college rejection letter. We are the first to incur our parents' still-potent wrath for any number of infractions and the first to ask for help moving a mattress into a four-story walk-up. So when it comes to time to finally put our little siblings on skates, honestly can you blame us, compassionate citizens of the world? No. No you cannot.

This is Diondre Alexander. Diondre is an older brother, a baller, and now a viral hero, crossing up his little sister so hard on Sunday that his mom had to come running out onto the court to intervene. Despite his advancing mother, however, Diondre still has the composure to step back drain one from downtown before fleeing the scene. Older Siblings: 3. Everyone Else: 0.

But take our word for it, Diondre. One day, that little sister you just sent flying isn't going to be so little anymore. And when that day comes you can bet that she's coming for you. Because while oldest siblings may blaze the trail, younger siblings NEVER, EVER forget.