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KFC celebrates Royal Wedding with romantic commemorative chicken bucket

Announcement Of Prince Harry's Engagement To Meghan Markle

Chris Jackson

In case you haven't heard or have simply, mercifully blacked it out, there's a Royal Wedding happening this week. On Saturday, Suits "star" Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry while the imaginations of the world's least imaginative people spiral down into the deepest, darkest tabloid wormholes.

It will be only the second time an American (and divorcée) has married into the Royal Family, it will cost somewhere in the realm of $43 million dollars, and the father of the bride—an everyman who celebrated his daughter's engagement by picking up some beer and cigarettes—wasn't invited, but of all the scandalous stories oozing out of Buckingham Palace, our favorite belongs unquestionably to KFC UK. To celebrate the occasion and presumably rebuild some goodwill following a chicken shortage at their chicken restaurant earlier this year, the southern icon put on their Sunday best and launched a special, limited-edition chicken bucket for the hotly anticipated nuptials:


No, we're not making this up, but someone was actually paid to. The press release touts the cardboard grease container's "bespoke crest" with a "modern KFC twist" and "resplendent gold flourishes," but unfortunately for us Yanks (or rebel scum, as the Brits knows us), the Royal Wedding Bucket is available only in the UK. So if you're planning on beaming #WhenHarryMetMeggy straight into your eyeholes with a drumstrick in one hand and a breast in the other this weekend, you may as well just upgrade to Popeyes and call it day.