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Britain's KFCs are running out of fried chicken and customers keep calling the police for some reason

February 21, 2018
KFC chicken shortage

Gareth Fuller - PA Images

If news of the fried chicken "crisis" of 2018 hasn't reached you, thank your lucky stars. It probably means you live in a country where the KFCs are still fully stocked. Phew! Your life can go on like normal!

However, UK residents haven't been as fortunate this week. According to the Washington Post, hundreds of British KFCs had to shut down after problems with a new delivery partner. Thankfully, as of Wednesday, the issue is on its way to being resolved, because no one should be deprived of his/her basic human rights or those delicious 11 herbs and spices. Anyway, here's a humorous tweet from the company addressing the situation:

But to many, including this little girl, this is no laughing matter:

In fact, so many KFC fanatics are freaking out that police have issued several statements urging people to stop calling them about the fried chicken problem. That's right, people are clogging up police phone lines with their fast food complaints.

Yes, please STOP calling authorities about this. It's not like the cops can start arresting chickens or the people responsible for this error. And even if they could, how would that help?

Anyway, if you're one of those who called in, we'll give you a pass because we know you're not thinking clearly. Fried chicken withdrawal is no joke. Hang in there.