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Kentucky student hits $19K half-court shot at College Gameday, celebrates with some hard F-bombs in ESPN's grill

February 16, 2019

Hitting the half-court shot at the basketball version of ESPN's "College Gameday" used to give you instant legend status. Why? Because you got literally one attempt. Not to sound all "get off of my lawn"-y, but it actually required some skill, some focus and Skip Bayless' favorite, the clutch gene. Remember the North Carolina fan who did it in a toga? An iconic moment in College Gameday history:

Freaking LEDGE. Now, like all things in this millennial-ruined world, College Gameday has made it easier on these safe-space-hiding college students by giving them not one, not two, but as many attempts as they can get in in a 20-second span. Because of this, kids are burying the half-court shot left and right. It's happened at Virginia twice in the last two years. How are you supposed to stand out like Toga guy when somebody is hitting this shot every other week?

Well, one student from Kentucky figured out a way to etch his place in half-court shot history on Saturday morning at Rupp Arena, where the Wildcats will play No. 1 ranked Tennessee in primetime. After a series of misses, including a pathetic airball, this kid threw up a beauty with nine seconds left that was nothing but net. How did he celebrate? By dropping a few HARD F-Bombs right in ESPN's grill. Earmuffs, kids:

First there was Toga guy, then there was West Virginia guy who dunked after he missed, and now we have "LET'S F-ING GO" guy, or as the kids abbreviate it, LFG. Anything to do less work, am I right?

You'd think ESPN would have learned by now after years of Lee Corso saying things that they'd have a 5-to-10 second delay. Guess not. Best part of the video below is Kirk Herbstreit saying "glad there's a delay," when there most certainly was not:

Live TV remains undefeated.