You can't be more locked in than Kawhi Leonard staring at his iPad homescreen before his first Clippers playoff game

August 18, 2020

Kawhi Leonard is one of the NBA’s weirdest dudes. Not in a creepy way, though that laugh will send shivers up your spine, but more in an endearing one. Sure he’s a 100% single-malt weirdo, but he’s our 100% single-malt weirdo, and you can’t help but love him for it. On Monday night, however, Kawhi Bot 2000 may have finally short circuited, entering the arena for Game 1 of the Clippers’ first-round playoff matchup with the Mavericks so locked in he couldn’t look up from . . . his iPad homescreen. Board Man gonna Board Man.

As Leonard shuffles in head down, staring at his iPad, you expect to see him watching tape or Netflix or maybe even listening to music. But as he turns to enter the locker room, thumb hovering above the home button as if caught in a programming loop, it's plain to see that what Kawhi was so engrossed in was just the simple beauty of his iOS interface. More like Bored Man, amirite? Hello? Anyone?

But while we have some serious concerns about Kawhi’s pre-game entertainment, you can’t argue with the results. Leonard logged another double-double on Monday night, scoring 29 and rebounding 12 in 38 minutes, all team highs. Most importantly, the Clippers weathered a 42-point performance from Luka Doncic to edge the Mavs 118-110. Needless to say, if these are the kind of the results Kawhi gets with an iPad homescreen, we shudder to think how good he’ll be once he learns that you can check the weather on that thing.