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Some hero mashed up Kawhi Leonard's laugh and the 'NBA on NBC' theme and it's glorious

Like everything in 2018, theme songs for sports games on the major networks just ain't what they used to be. The Monday Night Football theme has lost its luster, the Sunday Night Football theme is a pile of steaming hot garbage and other than the FOX theme that's used for football and baseball, there isn't really one that stands out among the rest. Sure, the March Madness CBS theme is strong, but it only resonates a few weeks a year.

That's probably due to the fact that no theme will ever live up to the "NBA on NBC's" theme, also known as "Roundball Rock," also known as that tune John Tesh hummed to himself on his answering machine like the musical genius he is:

Can you imagine this song leading into today's primetime NBA games? If this great league is missing one thing (besides a team that can beat the Golden State Warriors), it's Roundball Rock being played over highlights of Joel Embiid and Jayson Tatum before a Sixers-Celtics game.

While it may never return, at least we have this glorious mashup of the GOAT of sports themes and Kawhi Leonard's awkward, viral laugh from his opening press conference as a Toronto Raptor, courtesy of @tole_cover on Twitter. Go ahead and listen to this on repeat before Tuesday night's tip-off to get in the mood:

John Tesh would be proud, and possibly a little weirded out. Man is Kawhi awkward. But if Roundball Rock can make Kawhi less awkward, that should be all the proof needed to BRING IT BACK.