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Justin Thomas' fantasy football league has a last-place punishment that's way better than your league's

Last-place punishments in fantasy football, like everything else ever, have jumped the shark. Go back as far as five years ago and you'll find a million "The absolute WORST Last-place punishment" lists, each one less creative than the last. By the way, do you want to hear about my league's last-place punishment? I play fantasy football, I have a few keepers for next year I can tell you about if you have time as well. Also, do you want to hear about our live draft? Wait, first let me tell you about our last-place punishment...

You get the gist. No one cares about your fantasy league, your team name, your draft party and ESPECIALLY not your last-place punishment. Oh, you made the guy get a tattoo!?? Crazzyyyyy story bro! Please, please don't tell me you made him take the SAT ... SAVAGERY!!!!

HOWEVA, sometimes, a punishment so creative comes along that we can't help but tip our caps, like that time that guy had to re-enact the entire music video for Sia's nails-on-a-chalkboard smash hit "Chandelier." That was the good stuff.

The last-place punishment in Justin Thomas' fantasy league would fall under the "tip of the cap" category, because it's truly as unique as it gets. Here's Thomas' explanation of it via his Instagram:

Okay, JT, we'll bite. Let's head over to Danny Dumbells's account aaaand yup, it's incredible:

For some real laughs, make sure to read the comments. @dannydumbells1230 is up to 2,656 followers and counting. Make sure you're one of them and follow Danny's epic journey to becoming part of the #FitFam.