America, F—k Yeah

Ryder Cup 2021: Justin Thomas’ custom Ryder Cup kicks might be the greatest pair of golf shoes ever made

September 22, 2021

It’s Ryder Cup week, if you haven’t already heard. We’ve waited a whole extra year for this and golf patriotism is at an all-time high. After a feeble showing at Le Golf National in 2018, the US stars are putting aside their differences, getting their game faces on, and doing everything in their power to #BeatEurope. In the case of Justin Thomas, that means talking the talk—the kid enjoys a little smack talk, that much we know—but also literally walking the walking in these incredible Nomad Customs-designed FootJoys. Feast your eyes, patriots.

We’re not exaggerating at all when we say these might be the greatest golf shoes ever made. And if not the greatest, at least the most American. There’s a bald eagle, there’s Uncle Sam, there’s Lady Liberty. The intimidation factor is off the charts. There’s “AMERICA” slammed down in giant red block letters and the Constitution itself even makes an appearance. It’s like wearing two giant slices of apple pie on your feet and we are absolutely 100% down for it.

Hopefully these lace-up incarnations of a Bruce Spingsteen song help Thomas recapture his form from 2018, when he was one of the Team America's lone bright spots, going 2-0 in four ball, 1-1 in foursomes, and 1-0 in singles for an overall record of 4-1. If not, well, we can’t imagine losing looking any better than this.