These Guys Are Good

Masters 2022: This viral clip of Justin Thomas cold topping one into the core of the earth is hilarious ... but not quite what it seems

OK, so first things first. We’re not picking on Justin Thomas. Not only did he go out and fire an even-Bryson-par 67 at the Masters on Friday (followed by actual even-par in tough conditions on Saturday), but he’s one of best golfers on God’s green earth. We, to put it simply, are not. Still though, golf humbles even the greats from time to time, and unfortunately for Thomas, the cameras were rolling when it called his number on the ANGC range on Sunday morning. Sound up for the full experience.

You just can’t have better comedic timing. “Could Thomas shoot 65?” asks the Golf Channel broadcast just as Thomas appears to cold top one into Georgia’s upper mantle. Then he beams the camera mid-follow through as if to say “welp.” It’s comedic gold, the likes of which you don’t often dig up at the Masters.

We say “appears,” however, because as funny as this at first, it may not be exactly what it seems. Watch the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You’ll see a white flash moving at a clip that could only be a golf ball struck by a professional golf-ball striker. The second ball that pops up and dribbles away from Thomas’ driver, as internet sleuths have hypothesized, was likely a second queued ball—a veritable second shooter, if you will—that Thomas accidentally made contact with.

Or maybe it wasn’t accidental at all. Maybe Thomas was just trolling us all along, reeling us in like one of his trademark approaches. A word to the wise: Trust nothing and no one in this bold, post-Slap age.