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This is it, this is the greatest walk-off win (and toughest loss) in golf history

August 04, 2020

The 2020 PGA Championship gets underway in San Francisco later this week, but even the world's best golfers will have trouble topping the finish a couple junior players produced on the country's other coast last week.

To say Caleb Manuel won Maine State Golf Association Junior Championship in spectacular fashion isn't opinion, but fact. It also doesn't do justice to what happened on the final hole.

Tied with Armand Oullette as the two played the closing par 5 at Gorham Country Club, Manuel faced extra pressure when his opponent's second shot found the green and set up a good look at eagle, according to the Portland Press Herald. But the recent graduate of Mt. Ararat High School responded with the shot of his young life, holing a 6-iron from 193 yards for a walk-off albatross to win the two-day event with a total of nine under par.

“That was probably the biggest rush I’ve had playing golf and probably the biggest rush I’ll ever have until I maybe do something bigger in the future years," Manuel, who will play college golf at the University of Connecticut, told the Press Herald. "But an albatross to win by one? That’s something you don’t see every day."

Or, well, ever.

Of course, while Manuel felt the ultimate thrill of victory, Ouellette had to deal with an all-time dagger. Adding to the unlikely chain of events, he made his eagle putt moments later. To lose by one.

“I was thinking I’d at least have a putt to try to win it,” Ouellette said. “What Caleb did was incredible. That was the greatest shot I’ve seen, especially under those circumstances.”