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J.R. Smith played 36 holes with Michael Jordan, and no one has ever been more starstruck

February 16, 2022

We've seen J.R. Smith get excited about golf before, most notably when he basically bought out the entire Pine Valley pro shop. So it should be of no surprise that he was freaking out after playing golf with Michael Jordan on Tuesday. Still, the former NBA player turned college golfer's reaction was classic.

Smith didn't wait long to tell the world about his 36-hole day with his Airness, recording himself during his drive from Jordan's Grove XXIII golf course. And let's just say he was over the moon after playing the Jupiter track.

In a seven-minute video, Smith gushes about the experience and swoons over interacting with his idol. "That sh-- was everything, bro," Smith says at one point. "To play golf with MJ? Are you kidding me?! That sh-- was nuts! That sh-- was nuts!" Have a look—and yes, there's a little NSFW language in there:

You love to see it. Understandably, Smith was particularly excited to be invited back. And to get some golf tips from MJ. "He didn't have to do that!" It's pretty funny/cool to see a celebrity geeking out over playing with someone, but when that someone is arguably the greatest athlete of all time, it makes sense.

"I'm going to smoke a big ole cigar tonight and just dwell on that sh--," Smith says.

Smith has recently hinted that NBA teams should take a shot on signing him for the playoffs, but between being a 4.0 student and golfer at North Carolina A&T State University and getting to do stuff like this, just stay retired, man. Oh, and maybe don't video and drive next time.