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Ice Up, Son

Getting rocked in the face with a Trey Mancini fly ball looks pretty painful!

By now, you've probably seen the Trey Mancini inside-the-park home run, which was awesome for a number of reasons. For starters, it's an inside-the-park home run, which, much like a successful onside kick in football, is sneakily the most electric play the sport has to offer. But then there's the fact that, according to trade rumors, Mancini may be dealt out of Baltimore, where the 30-year-old has spent his entire career.

That made this play extra emotional, because it may have been his final at-bat as an Oriole. Considering what he's gone through in the last few years—Mancini missed all of 2020 while undergoing treatment for colon cancer—you could not have written a better ending to his time in the DMV.

What should be pointed out, though, is that it was all made possible by some horrible defense by Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Josh Lowe, who lost the ball in the sun and got absolutely ROCKED in the face by it. The ricochet was so aggressive that it allowed Mancini to beat the throw by a second, sending Camden Yards into a frenzy:

We're not taking away anything from Mancini, who hustled his heart out to make it home, but Lowe's gaffe made it all possible, and it does seem like him getting hit in the damn face with a major league fly ball got lost in the shuffle here. Here's a closer, far more painful look:

Yeah, that's an owy. Frozen peas on the face for days. 

Let's check in on Lowe's face afterward .... GOOOOOOO:

That is a shiner and a half, one that's going to be there for awhile. That said, Lowe is lucky it hit him where it did. A ball in the eye, or the nose, or even the mouth could have done significant damage. But his cheek took that one like a champ. Good on him for talking about it afterward. Hopefully, he's been icing up since.