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Justin Thomas absolutely roasted his own style after old junior golf photo of him surfaces

July 29, 2022

You know that old photo of Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth eating hot dogs during their junior golf days? Of course you do. It gets shoved down golf fans' throats more than those hot dogs every time there's some connection between the two.

It's a classic, but we're not here to talk about that junior golf photo of Justin Thomas. For once. Because another one has emerged. And it's so good that even JT himself had to weigh in.

The PGA Championship's twitter feed posted a pic of Thomas competing in the Junior PGA Championship way back in 2009. And as with just about any old golf photo, the fashion being displayed is ripe for picking on. And when it came to the "drip" JT had at 16, he didn't hold back.

Boom. Roasted. Himself.

Sheesh, what a look is right. Good man, though, for fessing up to your fashion flaws—especially when it comes to that band. Hey, it could have been worse, JT. You could have been wearing a white belt.