Well Played

Florida club's champion parking spot gets funny upgrade so 14-year-old winner can use it

First of all, congrats to Mateo Desmond. The 14-year-old recently won the Fort Lauderdale CC men's club championship, a pretty nice accomplishment for someone who won't graduate high school until 2025—and someone who still can't drive a car.

It's that last fact that leads to this post, because to the victor of the Fort Lauderdale CC men's club championship goes a prime parking spot for the next 12 months. A next 12 months in which young Mateo still won't be able to drive a car.

So what did the club do? Allow Mateo's parents to use it? Pass it along to the runner-up? Or, just do nothing? The answer is none of the above.

Instead, they upgraded the spot so Mateo could use it in a different way. Check it out:

Well played. Although, if he's riding a bike to the course, we're guessing he must leave his golf bag at the club.

Anyway, Mateo seems pretty excited about it. He retweeted another look at his new spot:

Good for you, Mateo. Keep up the good play—and your good grades—and maybe you'll be rolling in with your own upgrade in a couple years.