Watch Jon Rahm hit an absurd 4-iron flop shot over Phil Mickelson (sort of)

January 29, 2021

We've seen Phil Mickelson pull off flop shots over brave people through the years, but no Jon Rahm has turned that nifty trick back onto the five-time major champ. Well, sort of.

In a video posted by Callaway, who sponsors both Mickelson and Rahm, the 26-year-old Spaniard hits a flop shot over a cardboard cutout of Mickelson. And then to make things harder, he does it again, only this time with a 4-iron. Yep, a 4-iron, which has about as much loft as a butter knife. Check it out:

Real person or not, that's mighty impressive. Although, we've seen Rahm's 4-iron trick shots before. And with a short game like that, it's no wonder Mickelson bet—and won—big on Rahm being a future star.

Anyway, it's probably best you don't try this one at home. Real person or not.