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Watch Jon Rahm nearly shank a golf ball into someone's backyard at the Memorial

June 03, 2022

As most golf fans are aware, Jon Rahm was forced to withdraw from the Memorial last year with a six-shot lead due to a positive Covid test. On Friday, he may have felt like walking off Muirfield Village for an entirely different reason.

That's because the 27-year-old Spaniard hit a shank from the middle of the fairway on the second hole during the second round. And it wasn't just any shank. It was a full-bore shank. One that almost wound up in someone's backyard. Have a look for yourself:

Wow. That hideous ball flight. That sickening sound. That's as shanky as a shank gets right there from the former World No. 1 and reigning U.S. Open champ.

But because Jon Rahm is those things and not Jon Regular Weekend hack, of course he redeemed himself quickly. Fortunate that his ball remained in bounds, Rahm pitched back to the fairway then got up and down for an all-(around the)world bogey. Then made a bounceback birdie on the next hole.

It's like he just made pars on those two holes. Except, he didn't because there's video evidence. And the PGA Tour did him dirty by sharing that video evidence with the world. Just a hunch, but Jon will be hearing about that shot from his fellow colleagues later.