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Watch John Daly risk his life to teach some dude a lesson in belly-flopping

June 01, 2022

We don't mean this lightly when we say that John Daly took a big gamble over Memorial Day Weekend. Not that we're surprised considering his penchant for actual gambling as well as the chances he takes with his body on a daily basis by inhaling so many Diet Cokes. But his latest stunt was particularly dangerous.

Apparently, in addition to being a two-time major champ as well as an underappreciated musical force, Daly is a master of the belly-flop. And in the presence of what he deemed to be an inferior attempt at the move, JD had to teach some dude a lesson. Again, in belly-flopping.

Check out this video which has an awkward re-start after a few seconds, but features a man attempting a belly-flop of his own to which a disgusted Daly responds, "That's not a belly-flop." He then procedes to climb atop a rickety bench—As someone in the background nervously says, "You be careful!"—and attempt his own. Spoiler alert: he was NOT very careful.

Wow. Talk about throwing your weight around. "THAT'S A F---ING BELLY-FLOP!" No argument here, John. That's fantastic form with the arms and legs out wide. Textbook, really. But that bench wasn't built for that. And that looks like some pretty shallow water.

Anyway, thankfully, John Daly lived to tell the tale. Sorry, make that John Daly, King of the Belly-Flop.