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Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (Course No. 2)

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British Open 2022: John Daly rebounded from missing the cut with an all-time round at Kingsbarns with Peyton and Eli Manning

Despite holing an early eagle bomb and stalking around the Old Course in blaze orange Hooters pants on Friday, John Daly missed the cut at the Open Championship. It was a bummer for golf fans, who hadn’t seen Daly play a major weekend in awhile, but for Daly it was no big thing. He simply cursed the wind, thanked his sponsors, and moved on. A pro’s pro.

Of course it helps when you know you have an all-time rebound round booked at nearby Kingsbarns Golf Links in the morning. That's where Daly, Peyton, Eli, and country star Eric Church all rendezvoused on Saturday for a little golf and a lot of Guinness. Not too shabby, fellas …

Hoo boy. Just a couple of good ol’ boys in Scotland. No pin is safe. No crumb of Haggis spared. Sure, we would have loved to see Big John out there at St. Andrews on Saturday, if only for the pants, but with a squad this good, who’s complaining?