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Chargers DE Joey Bosa rips referees (and Derek Carr) in calmest way imaginable

October 05, 2021

The, um, Los Angeles Chargers beat the, um, Las Vegas Raiders last night, 28-14. Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa was the recipient of what could have been a critical unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after he went ballistic over a holding no-call. But the thrill of victory must have sapped some of the anger out of Bosa before his post-game presser, because, frankly, while the anti-ref language he used makes this look like an all-out tirade, Bosa's demeanor is the equivalent of a 38-year-old beach bum waking up at 11:00 a.m. and being informed that the waves that morning are just average.

Read the words first:

"I didn't even know they called the f---ing penalty on me because I was fuming. But, I mean, refs are blind, simple. I'm sorry, but you're blind, like open your eyes and do your job. It's so bad it's unbelievable...fifteen yards, it's a big deal. Obviously that's on me. I should never lose my temper like that, but these guys have got to do a better job because it's been years of terrible missed calls left and right. It's really pathetic,, they seem not to have their eyes open half the time."

Vicious, right?!

Now watch him:

Almost flat-lining!

(Also, is it just us, or if you close your eyes, does Bosa sound just like Jon Hamm?)

Later in that same presser, he dished out some analysis on Raiders QB Derek Carr:

Yet again, we love how he tempers it with "great dude, great player," which seem like compliments, as he basically wastes the guy by saying he's a panic-case who can't handle any defensive pressure. Bad news for Carr: he wasn't wrong.

As a former rookie defensive player of the year, three-time Pro Bowler, and one of the league's best pass rushers, Bosa has plenty of room to talk, and he was brilliant again Monday night. Just throw the flag when they hold him next time, refs, or you too may be on the receiving end of an extremely mellow broadside.