Drake Gonna Drake

Drake being on Joel Embiid's hip after Embiid buzzer beater'd his Raptors is the most Drake thing ever

As big of a frontrunner/instant curse-maker that Drake is, there is still one team he rides or dies with - the Toronto Raptors. They proved to be un-curseable in 2019, winning the NBA Finals while the Canadian rapper was by their side the entire way.

But now that the Raps are on the verge of a first-round ouster, Drake is just about ready to jump ship. On Wednesday night, Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid stunned them in overtime at the buzzer, burying a three-pointer to go up 3-0 in the series, which has proven to be an insurmountable hill to climb in NBA history. This thing is over:

Some quick backstory first. According to Embiid's teammate Tobias Harris, Drake had been trash-talking from the front row in the first half, saying that Embiid "couldn't play" in Toronto, which has been a factual statement in the early part of Embiid's career. At the time, he also had just five points in the first half, and the Sixers trailed by 10 heading into the third quarter as a result. 

But then the big fella went off, dropping 28 in the second half plus OT, finishing 12-for-20 from the field. Right after cashing the game-winner, he made a beeline for Aubrey, informing him he'd be coming for the sweep next game:

A true, diehard Raptors fan was probably inconsolable after Embiid's swish. Series, and season, likely over. Drink the pain away. But this is Drake we're talking about, folks. Rather than sulk like the rest of us peasants, he's just a Sixers fan now:

The perfect photo to sum up Drake's sports fandom. What a frontrunnin' sumbitch. Hey, it's hard to blame him. He's a mega celebrity who can do whatever he wants because these athletes love and respect him and he respects them back. And he makes no apologies for it, nor should he:

Self-awareness game strong. Here we go Sixers, I guess (until they lose in the Eastern Conference Finals).