Before Your Time

You can see how old Joel Dahmen felt when Lilia Vu was describing their group chat name

December 07, 2023

Normally, when we're talking about "feeling old," it's the young person schooling the old head. Especially so when the topic is group chat names, which are created on one of them mobile devices. But in the case of Joel Dahmen, 36, and Lilia Vu, 27, it was the veteran who had to school the young-in on the subject of 1990s hip-hop.

Dahmen and Vu are teammates this week at the Grant Thorton Invitational, though they hadn't yet even met until Tuesday evening. Their caddies, Geno Bonnalie and Cole Pensanti, are good buddies, and Pensanti took the liberty of firing up a group chat with the four of them a month ago. He named it the "Vu-Tang Clan," a brilliant spin on the popular '90s hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan. 

Dahmen, of course, loved it. As for Vu, well, she was born in 1997, and while the Wu-Tang Clan still had a bit of a post-90s run, it was clear that Vu wasn't listening to them between the ages of 1 and 7. You can almost pinpoint the exact moment Dahmen realized how old he was getting during this exchange:

The funny thing is, Dahmen, Bonnalie and Pensanti aren't even that old, but for some reason being born in the 1980s just makes you feel ancient by comparison. As does explaining late mid-to-late 90s hip-hop to someone who has no clue what you are talking about:


Sounds like Dahmen will also be taking Vu to school on Instagram this week. When he heard they'd be paired to together, he immediately followed her on Instagram, where the two-time major winner is apparently slacking.

"When I heard I was playing with her I was very excited," Dahmen said. "Started following her on Instagram recently, and lacking there I will say on your Instagram game. So we'll try to pick it up a little bit this week for you."

Olds helping youngs, youngs helping olds. You love to see it. Already off to a good start.