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Joe LaCava recalls his hilarious response when Tiger Woods asked him to be his caddie


David Cannon

On Wednesday night, Joe LaCava was inducted into the Caddie Hall of Fame, a well-deserved honor for a guy who stuck by Tiger Woods through all his injuries and reaped the benefits this year in the form of a Masters victory. And to think, LaCava almost said no to Woods when he first asked him to be his caddie in 2011.

Just kidding. During his induction speech on the eve of the BMW Championship, LaCava retold the story of the time Woods asked if he was "interested" in looping for him. After mulling it over for a grand total of 0.00001 seconds, Joey gave Woods his answer. We'll let him take it from there:

If Tiger ever asked you to be his caddie, you'd likely have a similar answer. The fact he asked Joey if he was "interested" is high comedy. That's like being asked if you're interested in breathing.

That said, LaCava had a pretty decent gig at the time, looping for a guy you may have heard of: Dustin Johnson. Johnson's rise to stardom was just beginning, and the duo had just won the Barclays together a month earlier, which was the fifth win of DJ's career. But as good as Johnson was, getting Tiger Woods' bag is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a caddie. Just ask Jim (Bones) Mackay, who has been quoted multiple times saying Tiger is the one guy he's always wanted to loop for, besides Phil Mickelson of course.