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Jim Nantz uses iPhone to make tour pro's casual round sound way more exciting than it actually was

November 13, 2018

The soothing, melodic tones of Jim Nantz announcing a golf tournament are unlike any other. He is, as the kids would say, the GOAT of golf broadcasting of our generation.

So imagine you actually had the legendary CBS announcer using his hushed voice to call your putts in a casual round of golf? That's what tour pro Maverick McNealy got to experience—as Nantz used his iPhone to deliver a call so smooth that it sounded like it was from the tower at the 18th hole.

To the keen observer, though, this was simply the green at the par-5 10th hole at Monterey Peninsula's Shore course, down the road of Nantz's house off Pebble Beach (with his legendary backyard replica of the iconic seventh hole at Pebble). McNealy had the good fortune of playing with Nantz—who admitted to us he doesn't always enjoy putting his game on public display when he has a rare off day from his 245 days of traveling a year.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a look at Nantz's own game, as has rarely been seen—but we did get a peek at what McNealy got to experience at MPCC, thanks to him sharing the experience on Instagram.

And since McNealy's last video got cut off—he sent out the full video of Nantz calling his birdie make. It didn't disappoint:

We'll sympathize with McNealy for leaving the eagle putt short with the pressure of Nantz announcing his putt. We would've definitely done the same.

Not gonna lie—if McNealy had shared 18 holes worth of Nantz calling his shots at MPCC, we probably would've watched the whole thing, if only to vicariously live through him. What an experience.

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