Jim Nantz's backyard golf hole is sweet, but his house must get hit all the time

February 08, 2018

Jim Nantz's backyard golf hole is the stuff of legend. The mini par 3 is a replica of Pebble Beach's No. 7, has a rock where people who make an ace get their names engraved (Tony Romo is one of the lucky few), and is surrounded by a sound system that blasts the Masters theme music 24/7.

OK, so that might be a bit of a stretch, but it's not far from the truth as we learned from Nick Faldo, Nantz's CBS booth partner, last year. But now we've also learned something else. Nantz's house is in the line of fire of wayward tee shots. Check out this photo of Dan Patrick taking a crack at the hole on Thursday:

Seriously, we hope Jim Nantz installed bullet-proof windows on this lovely Monterey mansion, because it must get hit all the time -- especially when guests tee it up after a few glasses of Nantz's wine. Also, why does he appear to be looking the other way as Patrick takes aim? Does he have that much confidence in Patrick's accuracy? Or that little confidence that the radio host will hit the green?

Later on, Nantz showed off his own swing while announcing, "a playoff -- for the green jacket."

Pretty cool, although it makes you wonder why Mr. Masters didn't have a replica of Augusta National's 12th hole instead.

In any event, we're guessing a lot of golfers will stop by Nantz's crib this week while in town for the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Luckily for Jim, Ian Poulter isn't in the field. . .