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Budding Rivalries

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay woke up and posterized Tiger Woods on Wednesday. Wait, what?

In golf, the best rivalries are often the ones born out of thin air. The ones we didn't even know we needed. Brooks vs. Bryson, PGA Tour vs. LIV, Patrick Reed vs. The Rules of Golf. These are just a few that spring to mind.

Well, lucky us, because we got our latest candidate for golf rivalry we didn't know we needed on Wednesday, and it couldn't have come at a better time, as it looks like the Bryson-Brooks feud is officially over. Enter ... Jim Irsay vs. Tiger Woods? 

Wait, what?

That's right, the enigmatic owner of the Indianapolis Colts checked in on Wednesday morning with a random dunk on the 15-time major champion. Well, his new golf course, to be more specific. Earlier this year, Woods' course design firm, TGR, announced plans to begin its newest project, an 18-hole course called Marcella Club, in Park City, Utah. The major takeaways from the announcement were that Woods' new layout would stretch over 8,000 yards, featuring a par 5 (the 10th) that could stretch over 700 yards and a par 3 (the 15th) that tipped out at 292 yards

Given the fact that eye-popping numbers like those always catch the attention of folks on social media who don't understand altitude, our own social team at Golf Digest reposted the original story recently, and it triggered the Colts owner enough for him to wake up and posterize the Big Cat on Wednesday morning. Irsay from the clouds!

Look, it's been a wild and weird year in golf, but even we have to admit that "Irsay v. Woods" was not on our bingo cards. The most shocking part is that this wasn't a Donald Trump tweet. If you block out Irsay's name and photo and show it to random people on the street, we'd bet 99 percent of them would guess it came from Donny. 

All kidding aside, it's clear that Irsay is unaware that longer doesn't mean better, and it remains clear that folks aren't understanding that Woods' course will be playable for golfers of all shapes, sizes and handicaps. Not saying Irsay's Horseshoe Farms, a Pete Dye design formerly known as Mystic Hills, isn't, but if you're bragging about length ... well .... never mind.