Do NOT, under any circumstances, try this Sahith Theegala shot at your home course (seriously, you might kill someone)

Any time the best players in the world go across the pond to test their links mettle, much is made about the need for "creativity" around the greens. Generally speaking, that means playing a variety of low chips and pitches that roll out and use the contours of the greens. Throwing it up high and stopping it on a dime with the 60-degree is not normally the shot of choice. Tiger Woods breaks this down beautifully in his "Chronicles of a Champion Golfer" mini doc episode:

At last year's Open Championship at St. Andrews, rising star Sahith Theegala embraced the links challenge. "I love it, absolutely love it," Theegala said. "It's the best. You don't get to do this anywhere else."

Theegala's creative legend, particularly around the greens, was born in college at Pepperdine, and we've already seen it in action over his first few seasons on the PGA Tour. We'll get to see plenty more of it over the next two weeks, God-willing, with Theegala in the field at both the Genesis Scottish Open and the Open Championship. Shots he'd never even consider hitting in the states will be available options to him on almost every hole he plays these next two events. Oddly enough, though, it's the exact shot you'd think he would NOT need across the pond that he's going viral for on Wednesday. A greenside mega flop. 

Shoutout to Aaron Fleener, J.T. Poston's caddie, for capturing video of this ridiculously nasty shot:

Like Fleener said, do NOT, under any circumstances, try this at home. You will literally kill someone depending on where you try it. 

Then again, the more I think about it, there are way dumber Tik Tok Challenges sweeping the nation that are literally killing people. At least the "Sahith Challenge," which I just made up, will provide some A+ entertainment, and so long as nobody tries it near a clubhouse or near other humans, I say have at it. Try this at home. Film it. Post it on the internet for our enjoyment. What's the worst that could happen?