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Nothing to see here, just Jim Irsay leaning on a tree, singing some Bob Dylan

November 04, 2021

The NFL trade deadline has come and gone. That means GMs and owners across the National Football League have a little extra time on their hands, at least until the postseason push begins and the offseason planning kicks off in earnest. Some will spend that hard-won time splashing around the Caribbean on their yachts or kicking back by their Telluride firesides, but not Colts owner Jim Irsay. No sir. Jim is a simple man of simple pleasures. He doesn’t need much. Just a good cowboy hat, a sturdy tree to lean on, and some wise words to sing. Take it away, Jimbo.

Man, if that isn’t the most Indianapolis Colts thing in the history of Indianapolis Colts things, we honestly don’t know what is. Ol’ Johnny U is tapping his foot in heaven. Never mind the fact that this is a public park (sir, this is a Wendy’s) or that Irsay’s voice sounds like he's been gargling rocks, when he gets to Bob Dylan’s iconic refrain, you can’t help but feel, for one brief, shining moment, that America is the greatest country on earth once again. God bless. Amen.

As for the Colts, well, they play Jets on Thursday night in a rematch Super Bowl III, a game six years younger than the Dylan diddy in question. The team is currently 3-5, but thanks to Derrick Henry's injury and a remaining schedule that includes two games against Jacksonville and one against Houston, they aren’t entirely out of it yet. If they can saddle up their, ahem, horses and ride, they could yet make something of the season. Or not. The answer, my friends, might just be blowin’ in the wind.