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Never Forget

Jensen Ackles admits viral Sony Open Pro-Am shank has “haunted” him for 12 months

January 11, 2024

One of the key differences between regular old human beings and professional golfers, is that professional golfers are elite at forgetting. Normal people dwell and seethe—they squirm as missed four-footers and bad kicks parade through their heads in the middle of the night. Professional golfers just move on to the next shot.

Jensen Ackles is not what you would call a normie. He’s been the star of two massively successful TV shows in ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Boys.’ Your girlfriend would you leave for him faster than you can say “babe, wait!” He’s even a pretty darn good golfer. But when compared with professional little-white-ball smackers, Ackles lacks that one X-factor:

The ability to simply forget.

Last year at the Sony Open Pro-Am, Ackles went viral when he yanked a tee shot dead left into a palm tree, sending it pinging back across the fairway in the opposite direction. The shot was immortalized with the help of tracer technology and posted on the Internet for the entire world to wince at.

This year, Ackles returned to the site of his semi-famous fail, where a particularly sadistic PGA Tour social media admin asked him to relive the video one more time. “Oh yeah, yeah,” he replied, writhing in the throes of some unseen agony, “that’s haunted me for 12 months.”

You gotta feel for the guy, but the clip finally gave Ackles a chance to explain himself. The Sony Open Pro-Am utilizes a shamble format, so after a couple of decent tee shots were already in play, he tried to get ultra-aggressive and thread the needle. Obviously it didn’t pay off, but hopefully returning to the scene of the crime will help Ackles find the closure he needs to move on.