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Tyrrell Hatton and Jamie Foxx is the crossover we did not know we needed

Based off this tweet from 2014, Jamie Foxx has had an interest in golf for quite some time now. But over the last year or so, he's seemingly taken a serious interest. Six months after his unfortunate health scare, the Academy Award-winning actor posted a video of his swing. He was also spotted at TopGolf over the summer, and he made a cameo in a video from Tik Tokker thebestgolfer this past November.

That makes the video clip below a little less random, though it still feels very random on first watch. Posted from the PGA Tour's main account on X, formerly known as Twitter, it features Englishman Tyrrell Hatton and the do-it-all celebrity hamming it up on Wednesday at the Sony Open in Hawaii:

If a "No Context PGA Tour" account were to ever exist, this should be its very first post:


Hatton is of course referencing Foxx's character in "Horrible Bosses," and if you didn't pick up on that you should probably cancel all of your plans this evening to watch that movie. One of the great comedies in the history of film. No surprise that Foxx happens to be in it, and that he steals every scene he's in.

So yeah, that was a video of Jamie Foxx and Tyrrell Hatton. The crossover we didn't know we needed. Now if you'll excuse me, like Tyrrell, I'm going to be pondering what the hell "we in the house like furniture, down like gravity" means.