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Jenkins: The Frank Lickliter Show (2)

March 20, 2008

Like Bill Nicholson yesterday, Scott Houston didn't love the Dan Jenkins column, The Frank Lickliter Show, in the April issue:

Welcome to the Golf Digest show, where every month we review the pages to see if anything new has been discovered in the world of golf. I'm Sclaff McDivot, your host and today we'll start on page 98 because excluding the talented David Owen column, we have five pages of instruction that could appear in any volume of Golf Digest since it's inception, one useless Q and A etiquette page and 93 pages of advertising. So let's begin today's show with a review of The Frank Lickliter Show, which is not to be confused with this show, even though the writer of the Lickliter show is accomplished and will undoubtedly contribute another boring piece AFTER the Master's about stirring a martini with Gene Sarazen's famous four wood or how he watched the last hole in 1962 from the porch of Mamie's cabin while eatin' a bowl of chili he had flown in from Texas or better still, the day the great Hogan let him wear his hat for one hole in 1973 or anything equally boring. So today's column is about...wait a second folks, I thought I underlined something funny or relevant or interesting in the column...well, I'll be, can't find a single line that captures the imagination or really makes sense. >

Well, that's it for today's show, hope you'll tune in next month for another rousing time as we review this famous writer's next story..."How I turned a million dollars worth of golf stories, into twenty-five cents of nonsense."

Very clever, Scott, but so mean. Are you by any chance a member of the media?

--Bob Carney