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Jeff Van Gundy delivers all-time "phrasing" fail during Game 4 of Western Conference Finals

San Antonio Spurs v Houston Rockets - Game Six

David Dow

Jeff Van Gundy—celebrated American peacemaker and Honda Civic enthusiast—is a national treasure. At some point, Nicolas Cage is going to have kidnap to him from the Lincoln Memorial in the family-friendly blockbuster of the summer, but for now we will have to settle for the latest and perhaps greatest Gundy-ism, delivered late in the second quarter in Monday night's Western Conference Finals-deciding Game 4. Headphones in, folks.

Mr. Archer, please do the honors...

As you may or may not have pieced together through peals of juvenile cackling, Van Gundy was campaigning for Mike Breen's signature catchphrase. When Breen didn't deliver, Van Gundy did instead, saying, "If you're not going to give him a bang now, when are you going to bang him?" The other half of the completely unintentional double entendre needs no explanation...except to maybe Jeff himself.

Thankfully for the basketball viewing populace of America, Van Gundy has plenty of oblivious verbal faux pas left in the tank. Not only will he be a part of ESPN's NBA Finals coverage, but with the Warriors outlasting the Trailblazers in OT to claim their fifth-straight Western Conference Championship, Steph Curry and co. are sure to present plenty of banging opportunities in the coming days. Drink some tea and rest those pipes, Jeff. We need you in peak condition next week.