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Jalen Rose's golf swing makes Charles Barkley look like Tiger Woods

The biggest indicator of golf being a real sport is when a world-class athlete from a different sport attempts to swing a golf club and completely embarrasses themselves. Even the most physically-gifted of humans still have to make an athletic motion at the ball for it to have any chance of advancing forward, thus proving its merits as a real sport. I think I maybe explained that correctly.

If I didn't, allow the golf swing of Jalen Rose to serve as further proof that golf is a real sport. Now, Rose has been retired from the NBA for many years, but he's still in his 40s and he remains in great shape. At the PGA Tour Champions event in Michigan this past weekend, Rose attempted to hit a golf ball and failed, miserably, five times. Yes, we're talking whiffs. It got so bad that Jack Nicklaus had to step in and embarrass Rose with a few quality grandpa jokes:

Goodness, gracious, that was hard to watch. Rose is hardly the only professional athlete who has been reduced to looking like a toddler with a golf club in their hands, but this was truly another level of ugly. When Jack Nicklaus can barely help you get the ball airborne, you know things are bad. We hate to drag Charles Barkley into this, because Barkley has shown some serious improvement of late, but Jalen makes Chuck look like Tiger Woods with this swing. Hell, Chuck swings it like Adam Scott in comparison to Rose.