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Jalen Ramsey calling out LeBron for lying on LeBron's own show is a historically cocky move

November 18, 2022

As arguably the top corner in the NFL since he came into the league in 2016, Jalen Ramsey has never been one to back down, often matching up with the opposing team's top wide receiver. He can sometimes come off as quite cocky, as most corners do, but Ramsey is the rare breed who can actually back up all the talk on a semi-regular basis.

Taking on LeBron James, on LeBron James' on TV show, however, is a level of cocky we weren't aware Ramsey could actually reach. Historic levels of cockiness, even. In the latest episode of James' "The Shop," which is now on Amazon Prime, The King made reference to Ramsey's head coach Sean McVay, who James joked must "looking at his playbook on Madden." As Ramsey looked on, James was talking some nonsense about using Ramsey as a quarterback spy in the video game, and Ramsey quickly chimed in by bringing up the fact he's been called out for lying (a lot) on Twitter recently. 

Quick translation for the old heads / people who don't live on social media - "they say you be cappin'" = they call you a liar. In case you missed it, LeBron told his latest lie just a few weeks ago when he claimed he was listening to rap group Migos in 2010 despite the fact the group didn't release their first mixtape until 2011:

This one launched a 48-hour roast-a-thon of LeBron's past white lies, and Ramsey, clearly a Twitter-scroller himself, took notice. Still, to call out LeBron on the show LeBron invited him on takes some serious guts. James, at least initially, handled it well, before promptly lying again by saying "I only speak the truth." He can't help himself. 

If this is how Twitter goes out, we had a damn good run.