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Oh Ja Ja!

Ja Morant just had one of the most ridiculous 50-point performances in NBA history

It’s funny, last week we were cruising Twitter, looking for good stuff to share with y'all, and we came across some Ja Morant slander. According to a few haters, he was overrated. The spotlight, as if there wasn’t enough to go around, belonged on other young dudes like Doncic and yadda yadda yadda. You get the gist. They seemed like pretty stupid takes at the time and they seem even dumber on Tuesday, hours after Morant went off like a fire alarm against the Spurs.

That’s just the data, however, and with a guy like Morant, the data omits half the story. Morant didn’t just go for 52 while shooting 73% from the field. He did it while logging a litany of highlight reel plays, two of which are the best you'll see on the hardcourt this season. If you haven’t seen these clips yet, welcome to earth. If you have, well, enjoy them again.

Here’s a second look at that halftime buzzer beater if you still can’t believe your eyes.

Heck of bomb by Steven Adams to be fair. Aaron Rodgers-esque. The bulk of the credit, however, belongs to Morant. Not since Iverson have we seen a 50-point performance this damn athletic and, most importantly, this damn fun. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go see what those haters are saying now …