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It's only January and we've already seen the best tennis tantrum of 2020

January 07, 2020
2020 ATP Cup - Brisbane: Day 3

Bradley Kanaris

There's nothing, and we mean NOTHING, like a good tennis tantrum. McEnroe. Serena. The artist currently known as Nick Kyrgios. Over the years, the red-headed stepchild of country club sports has produced some of the most spectacularly fragile egos (and spectacularly wonderful meltdowns) this side of a high school glee club. But as we steamroll into 2020, tennis, like all things, has turned over a new leaf, granting platinum spazz status to a fresh new face: Stefanos Tsitsipas, who accidentally assaulted his father/coach and was subsequently scolded by his mother during a Krakatoa-sized on-court eruption on Monday.

Ironically enough, Tsitsipas' patricidal explosion came after he lost a first set tiebreaker to none other than Kyrgios himself at the ATP Cup. How Kyrgios felt being on the fallout side of a tennis Chernobyl for a change is unclear, but we'd guess "jealous" is best the description. Don't worry, Nick. We'll always have the Queen's Club . . .

Tsitsipas is currently ranked no. 6 in the world after winning the ATP Finals back in December and is looking to crash the "Big Three" party come Grand Slam season. Here's hoping he stays in the mix until at least the quarters, because we need tennis tantrum content like Wilford Brimley needs insulin. If not, maybe our old pal Sergio will come through in the clutch.