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Is Holly Sonders and Vegas Dave's relationship strong enough to withstand golf lessons? The world is dying to know

February 13, 2020

Life has been a whirlwind since 2013 Golf Digest cover star Holly Sonders and Vegas Dave announced their unlikely partnership relationship in late 2019. Hardly a day has gone by where we haven't stopped to wonder what makes IG's new "it" couple tick or took a contemplative moment to admire the hashtaggable union via the glow of our iPhone screens. The renaissance romance has turned our world upside down time and time again, and is poised to do so once more as the couple take their relationship to the next level.

No, we're not talking about a ring. That's old news. We're talking about golf lessons (dun dun dun).

As even the most committed spouses among us will attest, sharing the game of golf with your loved ones is a calculated risk. There's the very real chance they won't remain your loved ones for long. Worse yet, they might actually fall for the game and start tagging along ALL the time. There goes your escape, there goes your privacy, and before you know it you're faking food poisoning twice a week just for a little alone time on the ol' porcelain temple.

We're not saying golf will drive a wedge between Vegas's first couple, of course, but Dave's swing could definitely use some work and it's going to take more than an Orange Whip and some patience to get him into tip (or should we say tips) top shape. So will Holly and Dave make it or will golf tear them apart like waves upon the Andrea Doria? Tune in on the next episode of their inevitable truTV reality show to find out.