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Is golf ready for cropped tops? Golf Digest Editors weigh in

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August 30, 2021

Women’s athletic apparel company Outdoor Voices recently released a collection of golf and tennis apparel for women that got the ladies at Golf Digest talking. Along with a stylish dress with pockets and a flowy skirt that sold out almost instantly, the brand released a cropped polo shirt with a length that hits right above the belly button. The polo shirt is made with a soft cotton pique, is super breathable and has a touch of elastane for great mobility, but it begs the question: Is golf ready for cropped tops? Our editors weigh in.
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Outdoor Voices isn’t the only brand offering cropped top polo shirts, we’ve also seen the style at golf brands like Nike, adidas and Ralph Lauren along with fashion-minded brands like Zara, Urban Outfitters and American Eagle. Preppy golf-inspired looks have been popular in the fashion world and it’s not uncommon to see someone dressed ready to tee off miles away from the golf course.
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A great look, if styled right
“Crop tops on the course are great, but the key is to pair it with the right bottoms. Save showing your midriff for the beach, and find yourself a cute high-waisted short, skirt or pants. The fit is flattering and chic, and you can easily wear the look off the course as well.” —Hally Leadbetter, Senior Producer, Digital Content

A stylish golf look, off the course
“I love a cropped polo! But save it for the streets. For a very Y2K, Cool Girl look, pair a boxy rendition with some high-waisted, A-line jeans. I like to dress it up with a strappy (but oh so low) heel or dress it down with some white sneakers. If you want to keep it trendy without breaking the bank, you can DIY your own cropped polo to your desired length. For the thrifter/remodeler/bored, there are nifty vintage polos to be found at affordable prices—you can even get funky with the hemline (there are no straight-shooters here). Though this begs the question: Just how cropped is too cropped? I don’t know. But consider this style the next time you have to dress for a post-pandemic Wedding Date-inspired hen night “golf party.” Actually, I take that back. I do know how cropped is too cropped. There’s no such thing.” —Emma Francois, Summer Intern

“I’m typically in the camp of supporting any golf attire that suits the body and venue. That can change drastically course to course and golfer to golfer. It’s important that we support golfers in wearing what they feel comfortable in and are open to new looks on the course. The cropped top debate is a bit more unique than the hoodie, bucket hat or black sock discussions we’ve had in the past. Let’s first get all preconceived notions about cropped tops out of your head. Not all crops are tiny, revealing or skin-tight. As a shorter woman (5-foot-5), I gravitate towards cropped hems or short-waisted pieces for golf and life because that suits my shorter torso—that does not mean my midriff is exposed. I’ll layer a cropped jacket over my favorite relaxed silhouette golf dress to give it a little more structure or wear a boxy cropped mock neck shirt over a skirt to avoid the bunching of extra fabric that comes from many regular-length tops. I’ll always do a few practice swings in the dressing room when trying on new golf clothes and if I feel too exposed in a cropped top, I’ll layer a tank underneath. It’s all about dressing for your body and comfort level.” —Brittany Romano, Associate Editor
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