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Indy man arrested after gun goes off while swinging golf club at Topgolf

February 29, 2024

An Indy man misfired at a driving range in a way you wouldn't expect. And now he faces some potentially serious legal problems.

According to Fox 59 in Indianapolis, Anthony Hurd Jr. was arrested on two felony charges after his gun went off while swinging a golf club at the Fishers Topgolf on Friday. Fortunately, no one was hurt by the incident.

Court documents show video surveillance showed Hurd taking a swing and people nearby reacting to a gunshot while he picked up an opbject off the mat. Police said Hurd attempted to "play it off as if nothing happened." But he and most of his group left the premises before police arrived.

Police were able to track him to his house because of a GPS monitor he was wearing from a past conviction. You can watch the Fox59 report here:

Hurd will face charges of being a serious violent felon in possession of a firearm and criminal recklessness. None of the reports mentioned Hurd's golf handicap, but he probably won't be hitting any golf balls for a while.