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If you need a good laugh, watch this embarrassing fake punt attempt by Arkansas

October 19, 2019

There are different criteria for rating the poorness of a fake punt attempt, including the situation of the game, the design of the play call, and the level of execution. Or you can just use one simple method of evaluation: Did it make you laugh? Such was the case for us during Saturday's Auburn-Arkansas game when the Razorbacks tried to trick the Tigers and wound up throwing one of the most embarrassing interceptions you'll ever see.

The play—if you can even call it that—happened early in the second quarter with Arkansas already trailing Auburn 17-0. Arkansas punter Sam Loy took the snap and tried some kind of push pass that went right to Auburn linebacker Chandler Wooten. So, yeah, if you need a laugh, check this out:

Of course, when it comes to pathetic fake punt attempts, the gold standard remains whatever the heck Western Kentucky's Jake Collins was trying to do on this play in 2017:

That never gets old. But Sam might want to lay low on Arkansas' campus this week. Or maybe just transfer. Poor kid.

To be fair, as a three-touchdown underdog, Arkansas had nothing to lose. Although, gamblers who took the Razorbacks with the points probably weren't too pleased about the decision.