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If Super Bowl LIII goes to overtime, Buffalo Wild Wings is hooking America up with free wings

January 23, 2019
Buffalo Wild Wings Exterior In Jacksonville

Rick Diamond

If you didn't stuff your face with enough wings and overtime football this past weekend to last the rest of the year, then we have some (potentially) good news: Buffalo Wild Wings, AKA BWW, AKA B-Dub-Dub, has announced plans to grace the whole of this great, chicken-loving nation with free wings if Super Bowl LIII goes to overtime on February 3rd. Get the Tums and stretchy pants ready, America. This is not a drill.

Unlike Taco Bell's steal-a-base-steal-a-taco World Series promotion, however, the odds aren't exactly in your favor. In the 52 years of the Super Bowl, the game has gone to overtime exactly once—when the Patriots rallied from a 25-point second-half deficit to defeat the Atlanta Falcons and cap either the greatest comeback or most spectacular collapse in NFL history, depending on your world view. But who knows, the Pats are back in the Big Game (which just so happens to be in Atlanta) and the Vegas OT moneyline opened at a cool +650. Maybe there's some deep-fried magic happening after all...

If by some stroke of glorious, bleu cheese-dunked fate, Super Bowl LIII does come down to the Patriots inevitably winning a fifth-quarter coin flip (AGAIN), you can claim your free snack-sized wing-basket on February 18th from 4-7 p.m. But take our advice and line up early, because your local Wild Wings is sure to be Lord of the Flies only hangrier once this free chicken flood is loosed upon the world.