If Catcher Cam doesn’t get you fired up for baseball, check your pulse, you might be dead

Baseball is so close and yet so far. Nine days at the time of writing. A little over a week or potentially three years, depending on whether you’re operating at the speed of the calendar on your wall or the world at large. In other words, a lot could happen between now and next Thursday, but we have now entered the period in which it is finally safe to get hyped for baseball. And what better way to get hyped for baseball than with this compilation of the best Catcher Cam moments from MLB Summer Camp so far. LFG.

If you’ve ever longed for the thrill of having a 98-mph two-seamer sailing toward your forehead, this will definitely scratch that itch. It also gives you a front row seat to BP without having to mortgage your first born son’s future for the seat. We think you’ll agree that the crack of the bat just sounds crisper when it’s five inches from your nose.

As far as innovations go, this is the kind of thing MLB should be bringing to the game of baseball this season. Let’s see some broadcast innovations and experiments. Sure, not everything will stick, but something will. People once thought the NFL’s superimposed first down line was stupid too. Maybe that thing is the Catcher Cam, maybe it isn’t, but another way for viewers to whine about balls and strikes seems like a no brainer to us.

Instead, the MLB is putting runners on second in extras, instituting a universal DH on four weeks notice, and continuing to blackout local games on despite NO FANS ALLOWED BEING IN BALLPARKS. You can say you’re disappointed, just don’t say you’re surprised. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go watch more Catcher Cam before we un-hype ourselves for baseball.