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The MLB absolutely hates MLB fans, part 1 billion

Due to the exorbitant prices of cable packages, more and more sports fans have opted to cut the cord and stream their favorite team’s games on a number of different platforms. Many sports leagues have adapted to this, and you’ll never believe which one has failed miserably in this area. Just kidding, you will. It’s the MLB.

Prior to the pandemic, subscribers of MLB.tv always had to deal with blackouts of local games. In order to watch your team, you had to have your team’s channel in your particular cable package. Purchasing a subscription to MLB.tv was not a way around that. Basically, you had to pay a stupid price for a bunch of stupid channels you don’t want JUST for the one channel you did want. Maddening.

You’d think, in the midst of a pandemic, one that will prohibit you from seeing your team in person, that the MLB would fix this blackout mess so you could at least stream your favorite team’s games with MLB.tv. That would be a foolish thought, of course, since we’re talking about the MLB. According to Buster Olney, the blackout rules will remain the same, pandemic be damned:

As many have pointed out in the replies, just because there are no fans in the stands doesn’t mean the broadcasting rights will change. Plus, many who pay for cable will still be able to watch anyway. But for those who don’t, and also pay for MLB.tv, you are S.O.L. when it comes to your favorite team this season. Can’t stream them, can’t see them in person, can’t do it.

Just when you thought the MLB couldn’t alienate fans more, the MLB.tv subscription is $60 for the 60-game season. And if you want to stream only your team’s out-of-market games, it’s still $50. Less than half the games for half the price of the normal, full-season package. Makes sense.

Again, this is how it has always worked. If you wanted to watch your team, you had to pay for cable. But after the few months the MLB has had, when it has done everything in its power to turn people away, you’d think getting rid of the local blackouts would be an easy way to get some of those people back. You’d think.