Tour Life

Ian Poulter pulls off the shot of the Northern Trust—from his hotel room

August 23, 2021

Golfers got a rare mid-tournament day off at this week's Northern Trust thanks to Hurricane Henri. That didn't mean they didn't keep their clubs with them.

Tony Finau said he planned to practice putting in his hotel room, but Ian Poulter took things a step farther. And let's just say his wedge game is really, really sharp.

Check it out as Poulter sets up a cup on one side of his room before pitching one in from behind his bed on the other side:

Pretty impressive. But these guys were stuck inside all day. So a bit later, Poulter had already improved on this trick shot by using only one hand:

These guys are good. And Poulter looks like he'll be ready to go when the tournament resumes. If it ever resumes, that is. If the PGA Tour is forced to settle things with a hotel chipping contest instead, though, we know who our money's on.