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How'd Your Team Do, Twitter Edition: Fire Adam Gase into the sun (Jets fans' words, not ours)

November 04, 2019

Forgive me New York Jets fans, but I am thoroughly enjoying your current predicament. I don't have much room to talk as a New York Giants fan, but at least my team has more wins (one to be exact) and the better quarterback (at the moment). Can't say the same for our coach and general manager, however.

That said, somehow Pat Shurmur looks serviceable in comparison to Adam Gase, who has now fallen to 24-32 as a head coach with his team's loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. At kickoff, the winless Dolphins were still by far the worst team in the NFL. When the final whistle blew, however, the 1-7 Jets were the new titleholder. How this team beat the Dallas Cowboys is still hard to fathom.

The Jets are now 2-16 in their last 18 games, and will almost certainly move on to the franchise's third new head coach since the Rex Ryan era ended in 2014 this offseason. Gase is a dead man walking, though there is still a path in which he can save his job. Beat my Giants next week (if this happens, I may cry), then beat the Washington Redskins at home the following week and suddenly they might have a chance to turn things around. After that they'd get Oakland at home, the lowly Bengals in Cincinnati and then the Phins at the Meadowlands. If I know Jets fans like I think I do, they'd rather the Jets lose the rest of their games instead, then fire Gase, draft Tua and start over for the billionth time.

Whatever happens, it will continue to be must-see TV. As fun as it is to watch the Cleveland Browns' demise, there's something special about watching the Jets take their latest nosedive. Nobody wallows in their own misery like the Gang Green faithful. Their tweets from Sunday serve as all the proof you need.