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This Houston car wash is offering a free wash for every trade-in of a James Harden jersey

January 14, 2021

On Wednesday afternoon, the worst saga in sports finally concluded entered its next interminable chapter when the Houston Rockets dealt wantaway, water-retaining star James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets in a four-team deal that will reportedly send Caris LeVert to the Pacers by way of Houston in exchange for Victor Oladipo. Fans in Brooklyn expressed both terror and excitement at the prospect of having the NBA’s three most talented baby egos on the floor at the same time, but their compatriots in Houston were merely relieved, evidenced by this H-Town-area car wash, which offered up free scrubs on Wednesday night in exchange for any and all unwanted James Harden jerseys.

As you can see, I Car Wash had one simple goal in mind with the impromptu promotion: To rid their beloved city of the scourge of James Harden once and for all, taking those traded jerseys and promptly throwing them in the trash. We’re sure plenty of residents held their own backyard bonfires to commemorate the end of Harden’s reign, but you can’t knock the chance to exorcise your darkest demons and get your windshield cleaned at the same time. That’s just good business.

As for Brooklyn, the car washes are going to have to wait awhile before they fire up their Hasta La Vista Harden promotions, but the strip clubs, well, rumor has it those should be just fine . . .