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James Harden got absolutely body-bagged for his weight by a NBA TV analyst

Almost one month ago to the day, Houston Rockets star James Harden finally showed his face for a preseason game. When he first appeared, the internet quickly fat-shamed him into another dimension, because that boy was looking HEFTY: 

The fat jokes that night were so plentiful that "Rick Ross" began trending on Twitter due to the resemblance. It was an internet beatdown. And as mean as it was, the former NBA MVP kind of deserved it given he was throwing up dollar bills at the strip club during a pandemic and skipping out on Rockets training camp. 

In the month since, Harden has surprisingly appeared in eight of the Rockets nine games, averaging 24.8 points per game. The team is 3-6, having lost four of its last five, including Tuesday night's 117-100 blowout loss to the Lakers. Afterward, Harden essentially implied that he's done in H-Town: 

It's an absolute mess. On top of it all, he's getting clowned for his weight again, this time by NBA TV's Ro Parrish, who said Harden "definitely had a pregame meal" as cameras followed him during warm ups. Good LORD: 

What a freaking body bag. Perfectly timing, perfect delivery. The perfect low-key fat joke that isn't actually a fat joke because it looks like Harden did indeed have a pregame meal or two. Here's a question: what is with the one color jumpsuits? That's twice now Harden has worn them and gotten ripped to shreds. Could there be a less flattering outfit when you're a little on the thicc side? Nope. Harden is not THAT large, but those jumpsuits do him zero favors.