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A Hungarian hockey player celebrated a goal so hard that he went through the glass

November 02, 2020

There's been a lot of strange sports headlines in 2020, so many that it's beginning to feel like we've seen them all. Then, a Hungarian hockey player shatters the absolute sh-t out of the glass during a goal celebration to remind us that we most certainly have not. 

That was the scene in a Erste Liga game between MAC HKB Újbuda and Titanok on Sunday. Early in the game, MAC HKB Újbuda forward Marko Csollak received a perfect pass in the slot and had a prime chance on goal. Csollak, an 18-year-old from Hungary, ripped one home for his first career goal in the Estre Liga. Naturally, he was excited, so he did an impression of his favorite player, Alex Ovechkin, who also wears the No. 8 jersey. 

Ovechkin's signature celebration? Jumping off the glass. Csollak gave it a go after his first goal, and it went horribly wrong: 

Whoops! That, uh, didn't go like Csollak hoped it would. Thankfully, he's okay, and as you can see he popped right back up and had a smile on his face. The game continued, presumably after they fixed the glass, and Csollak's team got a 4-3 victory. 

If you paid close attention to the clip, you may have noticed a photographer standing right where Csollak went flying through the glass. Like any good photographer, that dude captured the moment perfectly: 


Job well done, sir (@tshfotok on Instagram).