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Here's a strongman bleeding out of his face mid-deadlift

A few weeks ago, we showed you Hafþór Björnsson—better known as the "The Mountain" on Game of Thronesdeadlifting over a 1,000 pounds with the help of a probably not-doctor-recommended quantity of smelling salts and the howls of his Icelandic viking horde egging him on. As intense as that 30-second blast of testosterone was, however, it pales in comparison to Russian rock monster Mikhail Shivlyakov, who—in the throes of a 963-pound deadlift at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival this weekend—suddenly began spewing blood from his face like that moment in a zombie movie when it all goes to shit:

If this freaks you out, it should. Shivlyakov was able to walk it off, but involuntarily detonating blood vessels in your skull is A. medically not good, and B. a warning that something worse is waiting just around the arterial bend. Catastrophic hemorrhage be damned, however, Shivlyakov will be back out there picking things up and putting them down in no time, if only to top the aforementioned Björnsson, who hulked away with the win this weekend, cushy HBO gig and capillaries fully intact.